The only property website to offer property owners totally free advertising and much more!

Bargainvillas are dedicated to promoting your holiday home. For FREE! Our aim is to build a community that helps and supports property owners all around the world. With no sign up fees and no commission really is FREE!

Bargainvillas are the only organisation to offer totally free advertising to property owners. But we don't stop there, as well as advertising your property through our network of holiday websites you will also get the following tools as standard when you sign up with Bargainvillas;

Full webpage advert including;

Your property details

[Fill your advert with lots of information on your property, its location, local attractions and any special offers you might have]

Upload images

[Upload up to 9 images of your property free]

Upload movies

[Upload movies of your property free]

Your own online booking/invoicing system

[Your bookings are managed by you using our booking and invoice system. Make reservations and process payment, let customers leave a deposit and the system will remind you when the balance is due]

Functional availability calendar

[Not just any old availability calendar. Perhaps the most advanced calendar of its type. Our system will show booked dates, available dates, special offers added by you and even allow you to earmark special dates throughout the year with notes and messages for your perspective customers to see]

Create your own printable brochure

[A valuable tool which helps you promote your property. Our system allows you to make an online brochure of your property which you can email or print off and send to customers]

Your own guestbook

[Find out what your customers really think of your holiday home. All customers are asked to leave feedback or comments about your property and give it a rating for future customers to see]

A knowledge base of FAQ's

[Keep getting asked the same questions about your property? We can help! Our system will allow you to create you own knowledge base of frequently Asked Questions for your online property advert]

Your own newsletter

[Keep your customers up to date with all the latest developments and special offers at your property. Collect your own database of customers to help you build your business]

Your property advert & booking statistics

[What's been going on? Our system will provide you with accurate data about your property advert. We'll tell you how many visitors you have had, how many bookings and quotes have been made. You can even generate reports for your own records]

The Community.

Together we are stronger! As well as all this technology for free you will be part of an exclusive property owner community. Take advantage of the forum to share and learn with other property owners from all over the world.

No risk! No fees! Its all FREE! Sign up today and join the only community that truly supports YOU the property owner!